Brew Fitness Staff

Ryan Mleziva

Owner/ Founder/ Trainer/ Group Coach


Sports Conditioning

Running Programs

Strength & Resistance Training

Ryan is the owner of brew fitness and is living his dream of combining his two favorite things…fitness & beer! Ryan ran his first 10k when he was 8 years old and continued his passion on to become an ncaa division 1 scholar athlete. Ryan has a bachelors and masters degree in the fitness industry and is a certified group coach.

“finding the true motivation behind why we workout is the key for making the journey fun!”

Savannah Wisth

Assistant Manager/ Personal Trainer/ Group Coach


Strength & Resistance Training



Savannah is a graduate from winona state with a bachelor’s degree in exercise and rehabilitative science with a focus on nutrition. Since then, she has specialized in coaching group classes, personal training, managing boutique studios, and corporate wellness. Her passion for exercise and health stems from an active childhood and love for playing competitive sports. She chose this career path because of her belief in exercise and nutrition as medicine. She is fulfilling her nasm certified personal trainer and registered nutritionist exams in hope to help all lead a happy and healthy life. In her off time, she enjoys traveling, good eats, and attempting to shoot a decent round of golf.

Alex Gerbers

Lead Personal Trainer/ Group Coach


Mobility & Flexibility

Power Lifting

Strength & Resistance Training

Alex is a graduate of St. Norbert college and has been engrossed by physical fitness and health since he was 14 years old when he first became introduced to weight lifting. He believes true health is a long term decision that can be acquired with the combined efforts of physical activity, body maintenance, mental wellness, and proper nutrition. Outside of fitness, he enjoys kickboxing, jiu jitsu, mountain biking and anything outdoors.

Tyler Blandin

Personal Trainer/ Group Coach


Power Lifting

After serving 4 years in the Navy, Tyler graduated from Regent University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing and is currently working on his Associates of Applied Science in Physical Therapy Assistance. Since graduation, he began training and competing in CrossFit competitions in Virginia Beach, VA, and Southern Spain. His passion for exercise and health stems from an active childhood and love for playing competitive sports.  In his off time, he enjoys traveling, outdoor activities, good bars and restaurants, video games and a good Netflix binge.

Kate Hawthorne

Yoga Instructor

Kate started lightly practicing yoga several years ago but in early 2013 felt a call to really explore the full practice. Kate completed her 200hr certification under Debbie Williamson of wild abundant life in June 2014 and is also certified as a yoga
personal trainer. Kate has taught over 1,500 classes and is continually changing and evolving as she strives to bring awareness to the mind-body connection through
breath work and intention setting. When not teaching or practicing yoga, Kate loves to run, go to concerts, and hang out with her husband and dog.

Anne Grzywa

Yoga Instructor

Anne’s practice is about taking both the challenges and the peace found on the mat and translating it off the mat. Her classes will bring awareness to the physical and subtle body through a playful flow!
Anne received her 200hr training through sadhana yoga school in costa rica in 2016 and has been teaching ever since! An engineer by day and yoga teacher by night, she’ll tell you “it’s all about balance!”

Lindsay Peltin

Yoga Instructor

Lindsay started practicing yoga about 7 years ago when her body and mind craved the movement, expression, and exercise she lost when she stopped dancing. Since then, yoga has become much more than a hobby, but a way to stay present and mindful on and off the mat. Lindsay’s curiosity and infatuation with yoga led her to complete a 200 hour training in 2018. She is thrilled to be able to continue to learn, grow and share her love of movement and mindfulness with the milwaukee community.

Sarah Robillard

Yoga Instructor

Sarah is a retired 16-year dancer and discovered her passion for yoga in 2013. She received her 200hr certification through the satya life school of yoga under kate hawthorne. Sarah loves the art of moving your body to music, a beat, or your breath and finds it both therapeutic and cleansing for the mind, body, and spirit. Through sarah’s classes, students will feel more mentally and physically connected to their spirit that will, in turn, allow them to make the world a better place. She is free-spirited, open-minded, and loves to find humor in all aspects of life, which are all core values and elements she incorporates into her classes. She finds gratitude in witnessing her students practice and encourages change because that is when you find growth. Outside of yoga,
Sarah stays motivated by her family, friends, the earth’s beauty, and her three cats.

Kayla Blount

Yoga Instructor

Kayla first fell in love with yoga in 2014. She instantly felt a connection with challenging her body to perform powerful poses while forming peace in her mind and soul. In the fall of 2019 she began on the path of becoming a 200hr certified yoga teacher. She received her 200hr cyt in december 2019 under kate hawthorne at satya life school of yoga.
When taking a class with kayla, she wants you to know that your practice is whatever you make it. She strives to create a fun and safe environment for all her students to practice and play. She encourages students to vibe out to the music and let their mind, body, and soul flow. Kayla is also studying for her personal training certificate. In her practice you can always count on her to pair yoga with other powerful moves like crunches, curls, squats, and more.
In her spare time she loves spending time with her family and friends (especially her husband and son), traveling, and connecting to the community.

Fitness Milwaukee

Oliver & Mia



Emotional Support

Threat Detector

Cuddle Critics

Everything is better with a dog 🙂
Mia was the original brew fitness gym dog until 2018 when brew fitness hosted “puppy yoga” for mia’s birthday party. Raising money for a local dog rescue and featuring adoptable dogs… that’s when she met oliver, who had just arrived at the rescue after living the first 8 months of his life in a shelter. She asked for a puppy brother as her birthday present and how can you say no to that face?
Together they love coming to the gym to watch the members workout and get all the pets and belly rubs.
“you got any treats?”
“if you’re not failing, you’re not trying hard enough”
“woof woof”

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